Dec 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a happy, joyful, creative and productive New Year!
May all of your dreams and wishes come true!

Dec 24, 2015

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays to everyone!
May this time of year be full of joy, peace and serenity!
May your heart be full of love and your mind be full of good thoughts! :)

Father Pretzel from Erinle's world wishes you all the best! :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, dear friends! :)

Nov 30, 2015

My Latest Drawings

Hello, dear folks! :)
This is the promised post about my newest drawings. I won't show you all of them, only those I like best myself. The first one shows a strange and wicked company ready for an adventure. Can you guess which book has inspired me? I bet this will be easy to guess... :D
The second one shows a little proud cook, who has finally mastered the Perfect Cupcake recipe! I guess I need to master this skill too, I really love cupcakes! :)
The third one is a portrait of a small genie, who spent most of his life in a tiny bottle, but now is free and ready for some mischief...:) 
The fourth one and the fifth one are also some kind of portraits. The Winter Mandrake (the fourth drawing) is ready for a cold winter, just look at her new knitted scarf! :)
And the strange creature from the last one is a truly rare water being. Legend says that everyone who will meet or see such a creature, will be blessed with the everlasting luck! :)

The road is calling...

The perfect cupcake


The Winter Mandrake

The Lake Inhabitant

Nov 26, 2015

My Work Table

Here are some of my latest creations, mostly ornaments. I started making them last year and liked the idea very much! I started with birds - with parrots of Doom (they inhabit the Forgotten Forest) and with some real species such as chickadee and bullfinch, but now there are mushrooms, vegetables and unknown beings and creatures too! :)
My second craft show slowly approaches (it will be on December the 20th) and I'm working constantly on new things. Right now there are 7 unfinished sculptures on my table and I need to make a plenty of them... So there is no time for long posts right now, but I hope it won't last too long.
I will  show you my new drawings in the next post, on Monday! :)

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to all that celebrate! May this day be peaceful and full of joy! 

Mr. Oliver Bell

Ms. Otilia Bell

Mr. Rupert Bell

The Spooky Mushroom

The Biting Carrot

The Grumpy Shroom

Oct 11, 2015

Printed Postcards, Original Drawings, New Zombies and Amazon Handmade

September was the best month ever in the whole history of my Etsy store, I was very busy, had some custom orders too and basically had no time to write here even a few words. Lets hope that October will be at least the same or even better! :)
Recently I printed some postcards with my drawings in a very limited edition and I'm very happy with the result. Soon they will be available in my store... :)
Again, I drew a lot and decided also to offer some of my watercolour and ink drawings for sale too (you can see them on the last three photos). Some of them will be available in my Etsy store and some in my newly launched store at Amazon Handmade. By the way, the assortment in both stores will be different! :)
Right now I'm sculpting all the time - I've created a list of things that should be ready (sculpted, baked and painted) till the end of this year. The list is very long, but  very interesting. I will show you my creations from there, one by one, when they will be ready. And I will start with two zombies that I finished today! Hope you will like them, there are more to come! :)
P.S. Here are some links where I'm also active and where you can find my creations:

Tea Lovers

The Catcher of the Leaves

The Party Zombie #1

The Party Zombie #2

Everyone needs a loving heart

Aunt Carla's Potions

The Naughty Shroompling

Sep 17, 2015

My Latest Drawings...

Finally, I'm ready to post and write again! Please, excuse me for such a long absence here! Now I'm back and here are some of my latest drawings. All these creatures live in Erinle's world, which is quite colourful as you can see. They all are very friendly and very curious and I hope that you will like them as much as I do! :)
In the near future I plan to classify them (they - inhabitants of Erinle's world) somehow... I think that it will help me to organize my imaginary world a bit and I really need that! :)
Ms. Calmaria Perch from the Mossy Swamp

The Summer Bath

The Catcher of the Leaves

The Alchemist

The Watermelon Thief

S - the first letter of my name :)

Jul 18, 2015

My Work Table...

Here are my latest creations! And even more to come! My sales always go up at the end of the summer, so I need to be prepared for that...:) Pumpkins, mushrooms and shroomplings, spirits of nature, unknown creatures - this is just a short version of my to-create-list. I decided to start with pumpkins (mainly). I love making pumpkins, there is something magical in their diversity of forms and colours. Erinle grows different kinds of them in her garden and below you can see some of them. Then I created another Silent Watcher, this time a little bit bigger and I can say for sure that I'm in love with these strange creatures! So there will be more of them in the near future. Then comes another shroompling and I think that you all already know that I'm in love with mushrooms too! :D
The last picture shows something new - the Raindrop Spirits. As you know, the Mossy Swamp is full of different creatures and beings. It is a very moist place and there is no day without a rain. But even rains there are unusual. The biggest raindrops can easily transform into naughty little spirits known as the Raindrop Spirits. They are quite mischievous but still can bring a lot of joy and luck. They represent the element of Water, and soon there will be little spirits for each element - Fire, Air and Earth.
That's all for now and I'm going back to work! :)

Eddie the Gourd

Ruby the Orange Gourd

The Pale Pumpkins

Gorbie the Orange Gourd

Neko the Silent Watcher
The Zombie Shroompling

The Raindrop Spirits

Jun 28, 2015

My Work Table...

Hello folks! Busy-busy week it was... Here are my latest creations, again! :D
Little talking gourds have invaded Erinle's garden this summer (it is never too early for the Halloween), soon more strange fruits and vegetables will accompany them! 
Little green fellow is another creature from the Mossy Swamp, his name is Iku and he is a Silent Watcher. Silent Watchers are very common creatures around this area. They do not use sounds to speak, only gestures (that's why they have such long and pliant arms). Their natural colour is a mixture of different greens and it is quite difficult to spot them in marshes.
Oh, and two more shroomplings, this time - also from the Mossy Swamp! :)

Iku and the Talking Gourds (sounds like a band, don't you think?)

Fungus Mortus Rosea and the Zombie Shroompling

Jun 15, 2015

Drawings, drawings, drawings...

Drawings, drawings, drawings... I can't stop drawing!  And that's wonderful! :) Hope you will like them, my dear friends and readers! :) In the end of this week I hope that I will be able to show you my latest clay creations too. I'm working on something new right now and I hope that it will turn out just perfectly! :)

The Spirit of Coffee

Sleep well

The Key Keeper

The Fish

The Magic Tree #2

May 29, 2015

My Work Table...

Hey-hey-hey! I'm finally back and I have a lot of things to show! :) As I already mentioned (in previous posts) I will participate in my very first craft show this August. So I'm quite busy right now - I'm constantly sculpting and drawing, drawing and sculpting! :D
Below you can see some of my latest drawings and sculptures (three shroomplings and one mouseling - a new creature from Erinle's world) along with some handmade cards and printed postcards. About my handmade cards (photo #4) - I'm participating in one group dedicated to drawing and we draw a lot of cards in different sizes (including ATC) and then we swap them. As for printed cards - soon I will add them to all of my upcoming orders as a free gift...:) Stay tuned!

Aurelia - the hardworking postman...:)

I would not recommend this strange tea...

The Biting Peaks

Cards created for the exchange with other...

Newly printed cards soon will be added to orders as freebies! :)

My latest shroomplings

A little experiment... Heppu the Mouseling! :)

Apr 20, 2015

My Work Table...

I didn't blog for the last two weeks because I was quite busy with drawing and preparing myself for a small vacation. But here I am now! And below you can see my latest drawings and two adorable shroomplings. Last week I sold two shroomplings to a wonderful customer from the USA (thank you!) and that's why I decided to create some more. I think they look quite fancy with their pretty red caps! :)
As I mentioned above, I will be on vacation from April the 20th till April the 25th, so I probably will be absent from all social networks (although I will probably check my emails). But I will definitely return with fresh ideas and a good mood! And hopefully a new post! :D

The Beeing


Happy Mushrooms
The Spooky Shroompling

The Poisonous Shroompling