Mar 31, 2015

My Work Table...

Here are the promised creatures! Three stages of creation - first one is almost ready and needs only some minor decorations (for example, fake moss), the second one is not ready at all (this tall guy is simply baked and even not primed yet) and the last one is in the middle of the creation (he is primed and painted with one layer of paint).
And below - more new drawings! :) 
Dragon is my favorite this time (although I like all of them)! :)

More sculpted creatures...


Breakfast time!

Full Moon...

Mar 27, 2015

Erinle's Notebook and more...

Well, I started sculpting again and I'm so happy about that. But I also continued to draw and here are some more creatures from Erinle's world. The first drawing shows a magic tree from the Forgotten Forest and the second one - a little green pixie from the Rowan Grove. I must say I enjoy drawing a lot! But look forward for my upcoming Monday post - I will show my new sculpted creations.
By the way, today I sold one of my favorite paintings - The Apple Storm. You can see it on the last picture. Thank you, dear customer from Norway! :)

The Tree of Magic

Little green pixie

The Apple Storm

Mar 16, 2015

My Work Table...

Last week was dedicated to drawing again... And only a little bit to sculpting ( I'm taking a little break from it - so here is one tiny bug magnet). Below you can see my latest drawing all together. Hope you like them! :)

Little fridge magnet...


The Representative of the Swamp Folk

The Spirit of Fire

The Raven

A sneaky Lizard