Dec 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Dear friends!
May this year bring you a lot of joy, happiness and love!
Leave everything bad and sad behind you and take a first brave step into the new and unknown future! :)
Happy New Year to Everyone!

Dec 26, 2013

Grumpy Heart and Joyful Apple...:)

Well, yesterday I promised to post some photos, but unfortunately weather almost didn't leave me any chance to do that...Usually I try to take photos using natural light (I don't like the flash), but the day today was simply like a can of dark grey paint - no sun, the sky was like a metal ceiling. I woke up at 10 a.m. and it was like a 6 p.m.... I've tried to catch some bright moments and only two pictures came out more or less adequate...:)  Here is the Grumpy Heart and the Joyful Apple... When the sun will show up - I will retake those pics and take some more...:)
The Grumpy Heart

The Joyful Apple
They both have loops on their backs and are meant to be hanged on the wall...:) I will put them in my store in the beginning of January, 2014.

Dec 25, 2013

Happy Winter Holidays! :)

At last....winter holidays are here! May joy, peace and love fill your life during this magical time... Happy Winter Holidays to everyone! :)

By the way, tomorrow I will post some pictures with my new paper mache creations. I wanted to post them today but unfortunately had not enough time to photograph them properly...:)

Dec 20, 2013

Prints for sale...

From now on I offer some prints on deviantART ... You can find them also in a special section of my Etsy store  - right here... I have also some interesting cards for sale too! :)
My pencil drawings printed as cards

Dec 19, 2013

Only four days till Christmas...

Only 4 days are left till Christmas... and I'm still working on my paper mache creations...:) The main problem is that they need to dry at least 24 hours... and the waiting is killing me! :) And while the new things are still in the middle of the working process, here are some older paper beings...
Tribal (kind of) wall masks...:)
Eid the Entomologist...:)
Oddy the Strange Rag Doll...:)

They all  and many more are available here...

Dec 15, 2013

December News....:)

Today I've reached another goal (or as I prefer to call it - another milestone) - to have 60 sales till the end of 2013! So I am doing a happy dance right now! :) Next one is - to have 10 sales in January 2014... So just wish me some luck! I'm still working on my paper projects and in the next post I will show you some pictures of the progress...Something interesting is brewing there! :) After that I'm planning to create some new Zombies too - just in time for St.Valentine's Day.  I really hope to finish everything in time for Christmas... By the way, my black cat - Jack The Ripper - sends his warm winter greetings to everyone! :)


Dec 6, 2013

Just to remind...

Only two days left till the end of FREE SHIPPING in my store! :)
Don't miss a chance to get something wicked and lovely just in time for Christmas and New Year!
By the way, it is snowing out there! Finally, the winter has come...:)

Trees just right beneath my window...

This pic is taken 5 minutes ago... Magical evening...:)

Nov 27, 2013

My New Papier-Mâché Projects...:)

Last time I promised to tell more about my papier-mâché projects. I have tonnes of newspapers in my house and I always wanted to use them in a creative way...So I was looking for an idea and stumbled upon an interesting book about papier-mâché projects and techniques. I decided to give it a try, especially when I found out that I have all the necessary ingredients - paper, cardboard, glue, masking tape, etc. The first creature created by me was some kind of fish - it is still hanging above my computer desk...:) I liked the process and began to create more difficult beings. So Mr. Ludin was born...  Isn't he adorable? :)
Now you can find a whole section of  such creations in my store - they all are colourful, light and unusual. Below you can see my latest creations - two lovely planets. They both have loops on their backsides for easy hanging! :)

The Colourful Planet
The Red Planet
And there will be even more - simply look at my working table... I will definitely show you all of them, when they will be ready! :)
An eggplant, two hearts, one squid, two Voodoo dolls, a house and even an apple!:)

Nov 15, 2013

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Special Sale!

Starting today and till December the 8th I will offer FREE SHIPPING for some of my creations! :)
Simply browse through my store's section  - Free Shipping - and see what a lovely things are available there!:)

The Traveling Village

P.S. I would like to remind the deadlines for Christmas orders as well :
European Union Customers - December the 8th;
USA, Australia, Russia, Canada and all others - December the 3rd.

Nov 10, 2013

Bon voyage, my very first Shroompling! :)

I was quite busy last week working on some new papier-mâché projects (I will definitely write about it in the future posts), so I neglected a little bit my Etsy store... And there was a silence for several weeks (I mean, in my shop), although I managed to add some greeting cards and even prints. Until today's morning... One of my favourite creatures - the Zombie Shroompling - was sold to a wonderful customer! :) This little guy was the first Shroompling (a mushroom-like being) made by me and I liked him very much. So I feel both sad and happy...:)

I decided to create more of them, of course they all will be different. And I hope that this one will bring joy and happiness to his new master and friend! :)

The Zombie Shroompling

Oct 31, 2013

Horribly Happy Halloween to Everyone!

Finally, it is here... Dark, spooky and marvelous...Sweet and spicy... Mysterious and ancient... Full of riddles and signs...


Have a spooktacular day and night!

Oct 20, 2013

Halloween Creatures : Zombies

Lately I wrote a little bit about my polymer clay pumpkins and gourds...and now it is time to tell something about Zombies... Well, at least I call them Zombies! :) They are creatures of different sizes (3 - 10 cm) and are quite colourful... When I got the idea of creating something like that - I wanted to find a form both simple and difficult. That is why they have only heads! But I guess a Zombie cannot "live" without its head...:) The simple part is to shape it in a right way, the difficult part - to paint them. I use mostly beige -coloured Sculpey, so they become truly alive only after painting session. Each Zombie has its own story and personality. I give them different face expressions and accessories, sometimes very strange...  And they are always hungry... so be cautious!:)

Happy Zombie Family...
The Zombie Santa

My toothy  friends...

Oct 15, 2013

Hurray! Two Milestones Reached! :)

Recently I have reached two big milestones in my store... And I am quite happy! :)
I have 50 sales now and 500 admirers! Isn't that great?! :)
Thank you everyone for your attention to my humble creations!

Oct 11, 2013

Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!

In this short post I would like to remind that there is a sale event in my store...:)

Simply buy something for 30$ or more from my Halloween section and use coupon code 
and get 13% off your order, cause 13 is a lucky number for me! :)
There is a lot of interesting things and creatures in that section... Here are some of them.

The coupon code is valid till November the 1st!
Happy Halloween to everyone! :)

P.S  I suppose I did not mention that I have an Etsy store - Erinle's House ...
You are always welcome to visit it! :)

Oct 5, 2013

Halloween Creatures: Pumpkins and Gourds

Well, as I mentioned in my previous post - my mind is inhabited with an enormous number of different creatures, beings and things. Some of them are totally imagined, but some are based on the reality that surrounds me... And one of the main factors that impacts my creativity and the form and appearance of Erinle's world is (I think you've guessed already) a good old Halloween and anything that relates to this wonderful holiday... For example, pumpkins! :)
The diversity of  forms and colours among pumpkins astonishes me... In other words, I am addicted to them...That is why Erinle grows plenty of these precious plants in her garden... and here are some of them! :)

Cucurbitaceae Terribilis (or Horribly Lovely Pumpkins)
Each of them has its own personality and even a name. They are usually pretty well-mannered, but don't try to put them into pumpkin pie... or there will be consequences! :)

Sep 27, 2013

Welcome to Erinle's House! :)

Hi there and welcome to Erinle's House!
My name is Svetlana, I am 30 years old and I like to create things. Most of them are born in my mind without a reason, but some of them are a result of inspiration that comes from things and people around me... In other words, inside my head exists another world (thanks to my insomniac imagination) - full of different creatures, beings, demons, dark forests, deep lakes, mysterious cities and towns, graveyards, mossy swamps and other spooky (but not scary) things... That is why I created Erinle, an imaginary human being, who lives in that world (in a big old mansion surrounded by enormous garden) and helps me sort out everything that happens there...:) The result of this collaboration evolves into small and big sculptures, art dolls, drawings, paintings and mixed media objects. A little bit complicated, I suppose... but I do not look for easy ways...:)
Here you will see things that I create and things that inspire me...I will post two times a week, so stay tuned ( I promise, I won't bore you to death)...:)

That's all for today,
till the next time!
Svetlana and her Alter Ego Erinle