Sep 30, 2014

My Work Table...

Well, today my work table is quite humble. Three little bottles are ready, four more on their way. I call this project - The Bottled Sins. It is related to Erinle's world also, it has something to do with the mysterious Dark Town (I will start to explore it in early December), but for now I want say more! :) After I'm done with it, I will go back to the amazing creatures and mushrooms of the Forgotten Forest. 

Sloth, pride and envy...

By the way, starting October the 1st there will be a special event in my Etsy store! There will be a special section with a FREE SHIPPING  and it will last till the 20th of October. Don't miss a chance to buy something for Halloween or even in advance, for Christmas! :) I will post a link to that section tomorrow. Stay tuned! :)

Sep 28, 2014

The Forgotten Forest - First Expedition Results...

As you all know, I'm travelling through the Forgotten Forest for about a month now. It is the second largest forest in Erinle's world (first one is the Cursed Thicket), but for sure it is the oldest one. Long ago the Forgotten Forest covered completely all of the territory from the Biting Peaks till the place, where the Dark Town now exists. Grandma Chloe from the Crow River area promised me to find a copy of a legend, which explains how the Forgotten Forest was divided into two parts (the biggest part kept the name and the smallest part is now known as the Midwood) and the Dark Town was built. When she will find it, I will definitely tell that amazing story to you! :)
The Forgotten Forest is full of ancient creatures and beings, its air contains the tracks of a long forlorn magic and everything there has its own riddle... 
By the way, Erinle's house is located just at the edge of the northern part of the forest and it is her favourite place for taking walks! :) I 'm planning to stay in the forest till the end of November, so stay tuned for more of mysterious facts, spooky legends, unknown beings and other unimaginable things! :)

This is the map of Erinle's world, in case you forgot how it looks! :)

This is the forest itself, and Erinle's house, of course! :)

Sep 27, 2014

Erinle's Notebook...

I found a perfect journal to serve as Erinle's notebook. And its pages even survived the watercolour and ink torture! :) As you can see below, the page with the title is ready and till Sunday I hope to fill the first two pages as well. By the way, you can see there my new project too, I will tell you more about it in the next My Work Table post...:)

Sep 25, 2014

The Reading Thursday...

Needless to say, I love reading books. A lot. I'm a real bookworm! :) I learned how to read when I was four years old and I never stopped. I use books as portals into another worlds or as a time machine or as a simple window through which our world can be seen differently... A true magic indeed! :)
The book I 'm reading now is Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. I'm reading it slowly, only two chapters a day  and I have two reasons for that. First one is the language (I'm reading the original in English, although it is beautifully translated into my native language) and the second one - I'm really enjoying it! :)
And it is full of amazing quotes, like the one below. I chose it, because for me it is very true. All my childhood friends are left in the past, but still not forgotten, at least by me. They are haunting me in my thoughts, in a good way, and are definitely a little bit responsible for the creation of a present me...:)

Sep 22, 2014

My Work Table...

Last week was very productive! And quite enjoyable! I very satisfied with my latest creations and I'm eager to create even more. Four more ornaments can be seen below and my favorite is the green guy with many eyes. And then there are three sad cake slices... Sad but lovely! I wanted to create something like that for a long time, I like polymer clay food miniatures a lot, but that is simply not my size! :) So these little guys are quite bigger but still charming. They all are already available in my humble Etsy store.
Enjoy! :D

The Orange Monster

The Green Monster with many eyes

The Parrot of Doom #3

The Creepy Green Planet

Red Velvet Cake

Chocolate Cherry Cake

Rainbow Cake

Sep 19, 2014

Erinle's Notebook...

More photos from the Forgotten Forest! I'm still looking for a perfect sketchbook or journal to turn into a traveling diary, but nothing good so far... But I'll definitely find the right one next week and then Erinle's notebook will turn into something more touchable and real.  
But  now - simply enjoy new pics! :)

Sep 15, 2014

My Work Table...

I decided to create something different this time -  some unusual ornaments! And of course, they all are a little bit strange and even wicked at some point. Especially, Parrots of Doom! :) I think that if there are Birds-Of-Paradise, there should be something opposite too! :) I've managed to finish only three ornaments today, so I will continue this wonderful work tomorrow.

Creative Chaos! :)

The Hungry Planet

The Parrot of Doom #1

The Parrot of Doom #2

Sep 12, 2014

Erinle's Notebook...

Erinle's Notebook is back! But is has changed a little bit. I decided to turn it into an expedition diary with lots of drawings, descriptions and even photos of flora and fauna of Erinle's world. Each Friday I will post some pictures or photos as a sneak-peek preview. 
So here it goes - some old gloomy photos of the Forgotten Forest! :) 
They all will be added to the notebook eventually and I will show you the result, when this expedition ends (look forward for my Sunday posts) and it will be written in a form of a diary - with dates and events.

P.S. All these photos are taken and altered by me! :)

Sep 8, 2014

My Work Table...

Here are some new creations from my humble work table. Three orange pumpkins are finished and put for sale (see the last picture), but that jester-like creature is still in the middle of the creation process. I had some troubles with him. First, with the carcass building, then during the baking process and finally he did not want to stay on that wooden base! 
Now almost all problems are solved and I hope to finish him in a few days and you will definitely see a result! :)

No name yet...

...but I still have time to think about it! :)

Three naughty little pumpkins are ready for the Halloween! :)

Sep 3, 2014

New schedule...

Well, here is the promised new schedule of my blog posts! :)
Starting September the 8th I will post according to it and I hope it will work! 
On Mondays I will tell about my current projects, on Fridays - Erinle's Notebook will be back. Every second Wednesday of the month I will present some unusual Etsy related finds and every last Sunday of the month I will give you a report on my current expedition to Erinle's world. Then there will be so-called the Reading Thursday  - I will review some interesting books I've read and present a quote of the month. The Reading Thursday will occur once a month.
Stay tuned! :)

My new schedule! :)