Sep 25, 2014

The Reading Thursday...

Needless to say, I love reading books. A lot. I'm a real bookworm! :) I learned how to read when I was four years old and I never stopped. I use books as portals into another worlds or as a time machine or as a simple window through which our world can be seen differently... A true magic indeed! :)
The book I 'm reading now is Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. I'm reading it slowly, only two chapters a day  and I have two reasons for that. First one is the language (I'm reading the original in English, although it is beautifully translated into my native language) and the second one - I'm really enjoying it! :)
And it is full of amazing quotes, like the one below. I chose it, because for me it is very true. All my childhood friends are left in the past, but still not forgotten, at least by me. They are haunting me in my thoughts, in a good way, and are definitely a little bit responsible for the creation of a present me...:)

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