Jun 20, 2014

Creatures, creatures, creatures...

My expedition to the Crow River area continues and here are some water creatures that inhabit the river itself! :) The water in the river is very clean and clear and the observation process is quite easy...and quite interesting! I used watercolours and watercolour pencils to draw these little guys. These drawings were then turned into nice handmade "Thank You" cards for my wonderful customers... and one of them is already travelling to other part of the world. Guess which one! :)
The Thank You cards...

I've created 8 cards for now (one is already sent with an order) but I will definitely make more a little bit later...:)

Bright and lovely! :)

Weird and cute! :)

Jun 15, 2014

Summer, summer, summer...

Summer definitely distracts me from creating... Sunshine, birds' singing, warm wind, fresh air, seaside, bike, forest walks... I'm starting to think it is a conspiracy! :) I've set some goals for this summer and now I even don't know if I will achieve some at least couple of them... :D
But nevertheless... 
I have mentioned before, that I'm trying to make my store (and first of all, my imagination) more cohesive. That's why all my creations from now on will be connected to Erinle's World's map. And I decided to present it all as the unusual expeditions to the world of my imagination ( a.k.a. Erinle's world). I will connect it with my Erinle's Notebook project in the near future.

Sorry for the unpainted wall, we are in a middle of a redecoration...:)
Do you remember the map from previous post? If no, check this post! The is only one big river in Erinle's world - the Crow River.  My very first expedition will happen in that region.The area around it on both sides is inhabited by famous River Folk. And here are some of them...:)  

Mr.Anthony Baldwinkle...

The expedition has just started - so there is only a little bit of information available right now. I will examine as much as possible during my walks near the Crow River and I will definitely show you everything (the River Folk themselves and their habitat and traditions; herbs and insects;creatures that live in the river itself; mushrooms; tales and legends).
So stay tuned and enjoy the summer! :) 

Grandma Chloe...

Jun 4, 2014

New Map...

Here is the latest version of Erinle's world's map... I painted it with watercolours and then altered a little bit digitally. I want to make my store more cohesive and now I have finally figured out how to do it. I will tell you more a little bit later, but at this moment - simply enjoy this map! :)

Not bad at all...:)

Jun 2, 2014

A little bit closer...

Last day of spring came with a surprise - with the 80th sale in my store! 
Now I'm closer to my main goal for this year - to have 100 sales... Woohoo! :)
Say goodbye to Sean the Wise Oak Stump - he is traveling to Missouri, USA.

This is how I package things... Forgot to add a bubble wrap to the picture! :)