Feb 27, 2015

Erinle's Notebook...

And the work on the map continues... I figured out the main problem - the size of the paper! I need a bigger one! :) Meanwhile, here are some interesting sketches of my new creatures that I'm planning to sculpt after I will finish all current projects (there are three of them right now). And so far - I'm simply in love with my swamp folk! :D

The Swamp Shroompling

The Swamp Folk - a Female and a Young...

The Swamp Folk - the Chief...

The Swamp Folk - a Male...

And this vicious being will soon be met by me in the Forgotten Forest...:)

Feb 23, 2015

My Work Table...

Here are my latest creations. One little sculpture representing Melvin the Librarian (he lives in a small village in the middle of the Mossy Swamp), one altered glass bottle with a big curious eye and one tiny acrylic painting depicting the White Shroompling. And that's all. I also drew a lot last week, but I will show my drawings a little bit later.
Hope this week will be good for all of us! :)

The White Shroompling...

The Third Eye Potion...

Melvin the Librarian! :)

Feb 14, 2015

Happy St.Valentine's Day!

Happy St. Valentine's Day to everyone! Let this day be full of love and joy, no matter what! :)
And if you still have not send a card to your friends, beloved ones, neighbors, parents, even pets - you're welcome to use the two cards (made by me) below! :)
Love and be loved!

Feb 13, 2015

Erinle's Notebook...

I'm still working on the forest's map... Two weeks already and I'm still not satisfied with the result. So no map today, unfortunately. But here is something else, another nameless (at least for now) creature from the same forest. His face expression resembles mine, when I'm working on that map! :D
This drawing is done using watercolour pencils and ink pen and I'm planning to sculpt him in the near future. So wish me some luck! :)

No name yet, but already has a character! :)

Feb 10, 2015

My Work Table...

Here are my latest creations, last two weeks were quite productive! :)
I've created two shroomplings, two creatures from Tree Folk and one big smiling Geekho. By the way, January was an amazing month, probably the best in a three years! I even managed to sold 9 items in one day! That's really a true record for me...:) But I hope that February will be even better! :)

The Hypnotic Shroom
Goracius the Shroompling

Geekho the Unknown Being likes to smile...:)

The unusual business card holder

Gloomg the Evil Forest Spirit