Feb 28, 2014

Erinle's Notebook - Page 4... and other news! :)

So here is the 4th page of Erinle's notebook and this time it's about pumpkins! :) Erinle is quite addicted to them... but you probably have noticed that already. There is a real pumpkin kingdom in her garden with lots of different species... They all are alive and can talk, but some even like to scream loudly. Although Erinle calls her friends yummy and delicious, she doesn't eat them, she simply likes to scare them a bit...:)

The unsuspecting pumpkins...

Some other news for today... I finally changed the name of my Etsy shop... Now it is Erinle's House officially, it was simply Erinle before. And I also created a Facebook page for my store, so you all are welcome to follow me also there...:)

Feb 24, 2014

My Work Table

These are my latest paper creations... I finished them four hours ago! :) The strange blue creature is an eggrabbit  (a rabbit in a form of an egg or vice versa). They appear in Erinle's garden during spring months. Probably there is some connection between these beings and Easter, though in Erinle's world there are other celebrations at this time of year...:)
I really enjoyed creating that little red house with a fluffy monster in its window... Home, sweet home! :)

Feb 23, 2014

Erinle's Notebook - Page 3

Here I am with the third page from Erinle's notebook. I did not post it on Friday, I was quite busy in two past days working on more items for my Etsy shop. But now it is here. As I mentioned previously, there is an enormous garden around Erinle's house. And that garden is full of different mushrooms! Some of them can be eaten, but some can EAT you! Or at least bite! :) Like this little fellow - he is known as Fungus Vampirus. He inhabits the darkest corner of the garden, because the sunlight can harm him... He has plenty of biting relatives, so he isn't lonely...:)

By the way, I've reached another milestone yesterday! 70 sales in my store! Woohoo!
Thank you very much  everyone for appreciating my creations and making my dreams come true! :)

Feb 19, 2014

Creative Wednesday... no more! :)

Well, I decided that for the next two or free months I will post only two times a week - on Mondays and on Fridays...Three times - a little bit too much for me right now... If there will be an interesting event or something like this in my life - I will definitely write about it! :) But for now - no more Creative Wednesdays on Wednesdays...

Bye-bye, Creative Wednesday! :)

Feb 18, 2014

Ms. Josephine Kohlrabi...

Well, she is finished and named! :)

Both Hieronymus and Josephine are available for purchase here...

Feb 17, 2014

My Work Table

Did you know that among Erinle's neighbors are vampires? You did not? Now, you do! :) Erinle is a little bit afraid of them... so she has found someone to protect her...Mr. Hieronymus Garlic! He lives in her kitchen, particularly on the windowsill... He is a serious little guy, so don't mess with him! Especially, if you are a vampire...:)

Mr. Hieronymus Garlic...

...and his back! :)
If you think that Erinle grows only pumpkins in her garden, you are wrong...:) Here is a turnip cabbage, also known as German turnip or Kohlrabi... I haven't finished it yet, so this poor little creature is still unpainted and unnamed... I will finish it tomorrow! :)

A nameless German turnip or Kohlrabi
And this one is another unfinished thing - a mysterious wooden box with an unknown creature on its top! I hope to finish it in a couple of days, so stay tuned! :)

The unfinished top of a mysterious box...

Feb 15, 2014

Erinle's Notebook - Page 2

I'm back with a second page of Erinle's notebook. It is dedicated to Mlavarius' Day which is in some way similar to our Valentine's Day...:)  Mlavarius is a tiny creature with a quite naughty attitude. He likes to steal hearts and then simply give them to strangers! In Erinle's world people, creatures, beings and monsters take some precautions in order to protect their hearts. They use spells, elixirs or simply lock up themselves in bedrooms until the dawn...
But in most cases that does not help! :)
Erinle wishes to everyone a happy Mlavarius' Day and kindly hopes that your heart is and will remain in the right hands!

The second page is ready...


Beware! The Vicious Mlavarius is on his way to steal your heart! 

Feb 14, 2014

St. Valentine's Day...

And because of that the second page from Erinle's notebook will be posted tomorrow!
Happy St. Valentine's Day to everyone! Let the Love in and never let it go...:) By the way I drew that one a long time ago... and I think that it is the right time to post it! :D

Happy Valentine's Day!
You can save this image and send it to your beloved! :)

Feb 12, 2014

Creative Wednesday...

Just some pics of my furry friend - Jack the Ripper...:) I always wanted to have a black cat... We adopted him when he was 6 months old and there are no regrets at all! :) 

A favoutite way to sleep...

Now you know why we call him the Ripper...

Playing hide and seek...

Feb 10, 2014

My Work Table

This is the end version of my new Tic Tac Toe set... I made the game board totally black with bronze green and purple squares. And I think it looks just great! :) And it is already available here...

The Skull Set

 And this is another compilation of my creations...this time - acrylic paintings! :) The third in the last row  was made during this weekend. But unfortunately the weather here again is rainy and cloudy... that's why I will took some closer photos of it when the sun will show up...:) I called it - Longing For Unreachable...

Acrylics on canvas...

Feb 7, 2014

Erinle's Notebook - Page 1

Well, here it is - the first page of Erinle's notebook... with a strange recipe! I am not fully satisfied with it but it is only the first page...:) I used inks, colour pencils and thin black marker. There will be plenty of recipes with illustrations, plants descriptions, creatures and their habitats, neighbours' bios and etc. ... My first clay creation was a small bottle, that is why I decided to start with a bottle drawing. Maybe I even will make something like that...

The Screaming Sauce Recipe...

Notebook's cover

Feb 5, 2014

Creative Wednesday...

To find some inspiration during cold winter months I often go for long walks to the places in my city (Riga, Latvia) where I have not been... I usually take with me my woolly scarf, my big brown bag, my old camera, my adventurous husband and a good mood....:) 
Last week, when it was really cold ( -12 °C or 10.4°F) we have stumbled upon a beautiful church - Church of the Cross (Lutheran). It looked like a small medieval castle or manor and we decided to take some photos. Amazing place I must say... and I will definitely return there once more, in summer, when everything will be green! :)

The front entrance

Church of the Cross

The territory around it must be very beautiful in spring and summer

Feb 3, 2014

My Work Table...

It is Monday, February the 3rd and it is time to look at my work table...:)
Well, the first thing here is another pumpkin from Erinle's garden... A turquoise one! :)  I didn't know how to call her - so right now it is simply the Blue Pumpkin... because we both felt a little bit blue when I created her... She is made from aluminum foil and Sculpey clay and of course painted with acrylics.

The Blue Pumpkin

The second one is my new zombie... well, it was my new zombie, because he is already sold to a wonderful repeat customer! :)  This Strange Zombie also has aluminum foil inside and is painted with a marvelous green colour. I even think that I finally have found the right green for my zombies! :)

The Strange Zombie...

And the last one - my new set of Tic Tac Toe game... Well, at least I'm thinking so... I have some problems with making a board for this game. I want it to be related to necromancy or dark magic, so I'm struggling with how to show this relation on board... But I like how skulls turned out! :)

Clay Skulls on beach stones...
Well, that's all for now... When I finish the game set - I will definitely show the result! :)