Feb 3, 2014

My Work Table...

It is Monday, February the 3rd and it is time to look at my work table...:)
Well, the first thing here is another pumpkin from Erinle's garden... A turquoise one! :)  I didn't know how to call her - so right now it is simply the Blue Pumpkin... because we both felt a little bit blue when I created her... She is made from aluminum foil and Sculpey clay and of course painted with acrylics.

The Blue Pumpkin

The second one is my new zombie... well, it was my new zombie, because he is already sold to a wonderful repeat customer! :)  This Strange Zombie also has aluminum foil inside and is painted with a marvelous green colour. I even think that I finally have found the right green for my zombies! :)

The Strange Zombie...

And the last one - my new set of Tic Tac Toe game... Well, at least I'm thinking so... I have some problems with making a board for this game. I want it to be related to necromancy or dark magic, so I'm struggling with how to show this relation on board... But I like how skulls turned out! :)

Clay Skulls on beach stones...
Well, that's all for now... When I finish the game set - I will definitely show the result! :)

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