Feb 23, 2014

Erinle's Notebook - Page 3

Here I am with the third page from Erinle's notebook. I did not post it on Friday, I was quite busy in two past days working on more items for my Etsy shop. But now it is here. As I mentioned previously, there is an enormous garden around Erinle's house. And that garden is full of different mushrooms! Some of them can be eaten, but some can EAT you! Or at least bite! :) Like this little fellow - he is known as Fungus Vampirus. He inhabits the darkest corner of the garden, because the sunlight can harm him... He has plenty of biting relatives, so he isn't lonely...:)

By the way, I've reached another milestone yesterday! 70 sales in my store! Woohoo!
Thank you very much  everyone for appreciating my creations and making my dreams come true! :)

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