Feb 17, 2014

My Work Table

Did you know that among Erinle's neighbors are vampires? You did not? Now, you do! :) Erinle is a little bit afraid of them... so she has found someone to protect her...Mr. Hieronymus Garlic! He lives in her kitchen, particularly on the windowsill... He is a serious little guy, so don't mess with him! Especially, if you are a vampire...:)

Mr. Hieronymus Garlic...

...and his back! :)
If you think that Erinle grows only pumpkins in her garden, you are wrong...:) Here is a turnip cabbage, also known as German turnip or Kohlrabi... I haven't finished it yet, so this poor little creature is still unpainted and unnamed... I will finish it tomorrow! :)

A nameless German turnip or Kohlrabi
And this one is another unfinished thing - a mysterious wooden box with an unknown creature on its top! I hope to finish it in a couple of days, so stay tuned! :)

The unfinished top of a mysterious box...

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