Feb 15, 2014

Erinle's Notebook - Page 2

I'm back with a second page of Erinle's notebook. It is dedicated to Mlavarius' Day which is in some way similar to our Valentine's Day...:)  Mlavarius is a tiny creature with a quite naughty attitude. He likes to steal hearts and then simply give them to strangers! In Erinle's world people, creatures, beings and monsters take some precautions in order to protect their hearts. They use spells, elixirs or simply lock up themselves in bedrooms until the dawn...
But in most cases that does not help! :)
Erinle wishes to everyone a happy Mlavarius' Day and kindly hopes that your heart is and will remain in the right hands!

The second page is ready...


Beware! The Vicious Mlavarius is on his way to steal your heart! 

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