Dec 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Dear friends!
May this year bring you a lot of joy, happiness and love!
Leave everything bad and sad behind you and take a first brave step into the new and unknown future! :)
Happy New Year to Everyone!

Dec 26, 2013

Grumpy Heart and Joyful Apple...:)

Well, yesterday I promised to post some photos, but unfortunately weather almost didn't leave me any chance to do that...Usually I try to take photos using natural light (I don't like the flash), but the day today was simply like a can of dark grey paint - no sun, the sky was like a metal ceiling. I woke up at 10 a.m. and it was like a 6 p.m.... I've tried to catch some bright moments and only two pictures came out more or less adequate...:)  Here is the Grumpy Heart and the Joyful Apple... When the sun will show up - I will retake those pics and take some more...:)
The Grumpy Heart

The Joyful Apple
They both have loops on their backs and are meant to be hanged on the wall...:) I will put them in my store in the beginning of January, 2014.

Dec 25, 2013

Happy Winter Holidays! :)

At last....winter holidays are here! May joy, peace and love fill your life during this magical time... Happy Winter Holidays to everyone! :)

By the way, tomorrow I will post some pictures with my new paper mache creations. I wanted to post them today but unfortunately had not enough time to photograph them properly...:)

Dec 20, 2013

Prints for sale...

From now on I offer some prints on deviantART ... You can find them also in a special section of my Etsy store  - right here... I have also some interesting cards for sale too! :)
My pencil drawings printed as cards

Dec 19, 2013

Only four days till Christmas...

Only 4 days are left till Christmas... and I'm still working on my paper mache creations...:) The main problem is that they need to dry at least 24 hours... and the waiting is killing me! :) And while the new things are still in the middle of the working process, here are some older paper beings...
Tribal (kind of) wall masks...:)
Eid the Entomologist...:)
Oddy the Strange Rag Doll...:)

They all  and many more are available here...

Dec 15, 2013

December News....:)

Today I've reached another goal (or as I prefer to call it - another milestone) - to have 60 sales till the end of 2013! So I am doing a happy dance right now! :) Next one is - to have 10 sales in January 2014... So just wish me some luck! I'm still working on my paper projects and in the next post I will show you some pictures of the progress...Something interesting is brewing there! :) After that I'm planning to create some new Zombies too - just in time for St.Valentine's Day.  I really hope to finish everything in time for Christmas... By the way, my black cat - Jack The Ripper - sends his warm winter greetings to everyone! :)


Dec 6, 2013

Just to remind...

Only two days left till the end of FREE SHIPPING in my store! :)
Don't miss a chance to get something wicked and lovely just in time for Christmas and New Year!
By the way, it is snowing out there! Finally, the winter has come...:)

Trees just right beneath my window...

This pic is taken 5 minutes ago... Magical evening...:)