Nov 30, 2015

My Latest Drawings

Hello, dear folks! :)
This is the promised post about my newest drawings. I won't show you all of them, only those I like best myself. The first one shows a strange and wicked company ready for an adventure. Can you guess which book has inspired me? I bet this will be easy to guess... :D
The second one shows a little proud cook, who has finally mastered the Perfect Cupcake recipe! I guess I need to master this skill too, I really love cupcakes! :)
The third one is a portrait of a small genie, who spent most of his life in a tiny bottle, but now is free and ready for some mischief...:) 
The fourth one and the fifth one are also some kind of portraits. The Winter Mandrake (the fourth drawing) is ready for a cold winter, just look at her new knitted scarf! :)
And the strange creature from the last one is a truly rare water being. Legend says that everyone who will meet or see such a creature, will be blessed with the everlasting luck! :)

The road is calling...

The perfect cupcake


The Winter Mandrake

The Lake Inhabitant

Nov 26, 2015

My Work Table

Here are some of my latest creations, mostly ornaments. I started making them last year and liked the idea very much! I started with birds - with parrots of Doom (they inhabit the Forgotten Forest) and with some real species such as chickadee and bullfinch, but now there are mushrooms, vegetables and unknown beings and creatures too! :)
My second craft show slowly approaches (it will be on December the 20th) and I'm working constantly on new things. Right now there are 7 unfinished sculptures on my table and I need to make a plenty of them... So there is no time for long posts right now, but I hope it won't last too long.
I will  show you my new drawings in the next post, on Monday! :)

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to all that celebrate! May this day be peaceful and full of joy! 

Mr. Oliver Bell

Ms. Otilia Bell

Mr. Rupert Bell

The Spooky Mushroom

The Biting Carrot

The Grumpy Shroom