Nov 30, 2015

My Latest Drawings

Hello, dear folks! :)
This is the promised post about my newest drawings. I won't show you all of them, only those I like best myself. The first one shows a strange and wicked company ready for an adventure. Can you guess which book has inspired me? I bet this will be easy to guess... :D
The second one shows a little proud cook, who has finally mastered the Perfect Cupcake recipe! I guess I need to master this skill too, I really love cupcakes! :)
The third one is a portrait of a small genie, who spent most of his life in a tiny bottle, but now is free and ready for some mischief...:) 
The fourth one and the fifth one are also some kind of portraits. The Winter Mandrake (the fourth drawing) is ready for a cold winter, just look at her new knitted scarf! :)
And the strange creature from the last one is a truly rare water being. Legend says that everyone who will meet or see such a creature, will be blessed with the everlasting luck! :)

The road is calling...

The perfect cupcake


The Winter Mandrake

The Lake Inhabitant

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