Feb 28, 2014

Erinle's Notebook - Page 4... and other news! :)

So here is the 4th page of Erinle's notebook and this time it's about pumpkins! :) Erinle is quite addicted to them... but you probably have noticed that already. There is a real pumpkin kingdom in her garden with lots of different species... They all are alive and can talk, but some even like to scream loudly. Although Erinle calls her friends yummy and delicious, she doesn't eat them, she simply likes to scare them a bit...:)

The unsuspecting pumpkins...

Some other news for today... I finally changed the name of my Etsy shop... Now it is Erinle's House officially, it was simply Erinle before. And I also created a Facebook page for my store, so you all are welcome to follow me also there...:)

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