Mar 4, 2014

My Work Table...

Calendar Spring has come to  town... And that is really nice! :) Here are my newest creations - another merry vegetable (this time, an eggplant), an Easter egg and a spooky mixed media project.  By the way, this eggplant makes me smile every time I look at it...:) 

The Merry Eggplant

And this is Frederick the Easter Egg... and he looks great on the wall! :) I plan to make three more, the paper mache forms for them are ready, I just need to attach the hanging loops and then paint them.

Frederick the Easter Egg
And this one is a bit a good way! :) I've started it in the end of 2013 and now it is finished. I didn't plan to frame it, but after I attached the sea stones and the ghostly (or ghastly) clay creature, I decided to put it in a frame by myself and I don't regret it! :) This one is called The Silent Guardian... A lost soul of a dark wizard guards a forlorn wishing well in the middle of a forest... 
The Silent Guardian

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