Mar 17, 2014

My Work Table...

The previous week was quite productive. I painted and sculpted a lot!:)
Below you can see the results... The first painting is called The Apple Storm. I am simply thrilled with this colour combination (yellow+grey+black). The story is simple. There are coral bunnies that feed on apples...Once a month the Apple Storm comes to their forest and the apples start falling...and the bunnies are ready to pick them up! :)

The Apple Storm
And this little fellow is a water spirit... I plan to create four spirits - water (done), fire, air and Earth. I've found doll eyes in the local store - so I plan to use them on these sculptures. 

The Water Spirit

This is another painting... It is called Twilight Falls. It depicts the towers of the Dark Town from Erinle's reality and the fields of everblooming flowers just before the sunset... :)

Twilight falls...
And this is another Zombie couple! The Zombie Newlyweds... They are already sold and I'm thinking about creating a Made To Order listing...:)

The Zombie Newlyweds

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