Sep 28, 2014

The Forgotten Forest - First Expedition Results...

As you all know, I'm travelling through the Forgotten Forest for about a month now. It is the second largest forest in Erinle's world (first one is the Cursed Thicket), but for sure it is the oldest one. Long ago the Forgotten Forest covered completely all of the territory from the Biting Peaks till the place, where the Dark Town now exists. Grandma Chloe from the Crow River area promised me to find a copy of a legend, which explains how the Forgotten Forest was divided into two parts (the biggest part kept the name and the smallest part is now known as the Midwood) and the Dark Town was built. When she will find it, I will definitely tell that amazing story to you! :)
The Forgotten Forest is full of ancient creatures and beings, its air contains the tracks of a long forlorn magic and everything there has its own riddle... 
By the way, Erinle's house is located just at the edge of the northern part of the forest and it is her favourite place for taking walks! :) I 'm planning to stay in the forest till the end of November, so stay tuned for more of mysterious facts, spooky legends, unknown beings and other unimaginable things! :)

This is the map of Erinle's world, in case you forgot how it looks! :)

This is the forest itself, and Erinle's house, of course! :)

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