Sep 30, 2014

My Work Table...

Well, today my work table is quite humble. Three little bottles are ready, four more on their way. I call this project - The Bottled Sins. It is related to Erinle's world also, it has something to do with the mysterious Dark Town (I will start to explore it in early December), but for now I want say more! :) After I'm done with it, I will go back to the amazing creatures and mushrooms of the Forgotten Forest. 

Sloth, pride and envy...

By the way, starting October the 1st there will be a special event in my Etsy store! There will be a special section with a FREE SHIPPING  and it will last till the 20th of October. Don't miss a chance to buy something for Halloween or even in advance, for Christmas! :) I will post a link to that section tomorrow. Stay tuned! :)

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