Nov 10, 2013

Bon voyage, my very first Shroompling! :)

I was quite busy last week working on some new papier-mâché projects (I will definitely write about it in the future posts), so I neglected a little bit my Etsy store... And there was a silence for several weeks (I mean, in my shop), although I managed to add some greeting cards and even prints. Until today's morning... One of my favourite creatures - the Zombie Shroompling - was sold to a wonderful customer! :) This little guy was the first Shroompling (a mushroom-like being) made by me and I liked him very much. So I feel both sad and happy...:)

I decided to create more of them, of course they all will be different. And I hope that this one will bring joy and happiness to his new master and friend! :)

The Zombie Shroompling

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