Nov 27, 2013

My New Papier-Mâché Projects...:)

Last time I promised to tell more about my papier-mâché projects. I have tonnes of newspapers in my house and I always wanted to use them in a creative way...So I was looking for an idea and stumbled upon an interesting book about papier-mâché projects and techniques. I decided to give it a try, especially when I found out that I have all the necessary ingredients - paper, cardboard, glue, masking tape, etc. The first creature created by me was some kind of fish - it is still hanging above my computer desk...:) I liked the process and began to create more difficult beings. So Mr. Ludin was born...  Isn't he adorable? :)
Now you can find a whole section of  such creations in my store - they all are colourful, light and unusual. Below you can see my latest creations - two lovely planets. They both have loops on their backsides for easy hanging! :)

The Colourful Planet
The Red Planet
And there will be even more - simply look at my working table... I will definitely show you all of them, when they will be ready! :)
An eggplant, two hearts, one squid, two Voodoo dolls, a house and even an apple!:)

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