Oct 5, 2013

Halloween Creatures: Pumpkins and Gourds

Well, as I mentioned in my previous post - my mind is inhabited with an enormous number of different creatures, beings and things. Some of them are totally imagined, but some are based on the reality that surrounds me... And one of the main factors that impacts my creativity and the form and appearance of Erinle's world is (I think you've guessed already) a good old Halloween and anything that relates to this wonderful holiday... For example, pumpkins! :)
The diversity of  forms and colours among pumpkins astonishes me... In other words, I am addicted to them...That is why Erinle grows plenty of these precious plants in her garden... and here are some of them! :)

Cucurbitaceae Terribilis (or Horribly Lovely Pumpkins)
Each of them has its own personality and even a name. They are usually pretty well-mannered, but don't try to put them into pumpkin pie... or there will be consequences! :)

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