Sep 27, 2013

Welcome to Erinle's House! :)

Hi there and welcome to Erinle's House!
My name is Svetlana, I am 30 years old and I like to create things. Most of them are born in my mind without a reason, but some of them are a result of inspiration that comes from things and people around me... In other words, inside my head exists another world (thanks to my insomniac imagination) - full of different creatures, beings, demons, dark forests, deep lakes, mysterious cities and towns, graveyards, mossy swamps and other spooky (but not scary) things... That is why I created Erinle, an imaginary human being, who lives in that world (in a big old mansion surrounded by enormous garden) and helps me sort out everything that happens there...:) The result of this collaboration evolves into small and big sculptures, art dolls, drawings, paintings and mixed media objects. A little bit complicated, I suppose... but I do not look for easy ways...:)
Here you will see things that I create and things that inspire me...I will post two times a week, so stay tuned ( I promise, I won't bore you to death)...:)

That's all for today,
till the next time!
Svetlana and her Alter Ego Erinle

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