Oct 20, 2013

Halloween Creatures : Zombies

Lately I wrote a little bit about my polymer clay pumpkins and gourds...and now it is time to tell something about Zombies... Well, at least I call them Zombies! :) They are creatures of different sizes (3 - 10 cm) and are quite colourful... When I got the idea of creating something like that - I wanted to find a form both simple and difficult. That is why they have only heads! But I guess a Zombie cannot "live" without its head...:) The simple part is to shape it in a right way, the difficult part - to paint them. I use mostly beige -coloured Sculpey, so they become truly alive only after painting session. Each Zombie has its own story and personality. I give them different face expressions and accessories, sometimes very strange...  And they are always hungry... so be cautious!:)

Happy Zombie Family...
The Zombie Santa

My toothy  friends...

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