May 29, 2015

My Work Table...

Hey-hey-hey! I'm finally back and I have a lot of things to show! :) As I already mentioned (in previous posts) I will participate in my very first craft show this August. So I'm quite busy right now - I'm constantly sculpting and drawing, drawing and sculpting! :D
Below you can see some of my latest drawings and sculptures (three shroomplings and one mouseling - a new creature from Erinle's world) along with some handmade cards and printed postcards. About my handmade cards (photo #4) - I'm participating in one group dedicated to drawing and we draw a lot of cards in different sizes (including ATC) and then we swap them. As for printed cards - soon I will add them to all of my upcoming orders as a free gift...:) Stay tuned!

Aurelia - the hardworking postman...:)

I would not recommend this strange tea...

The Biting Peaks

Cards created for the exchange with other...

Newly printed cards soon will be added to orders as freebies! :)

My latest shroomplings

A little experiment... Heppu the Mouseling! :)

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