Apr 20, 2015

My Work Table...

I didn't blog for the last two weeks because I was quite busy with drawing and preparing myself for a small vacation. But here I am now! And below you can see my latest drawings and two adorable shroomplings. Last week I sold two shroomplings to a wonderful customer from the USA (thank you!) and that's why I decided to create some more. I think they look quite fancy with their pretty red caps! :)
As I mentioned above, I will be on vacation from April the 20th till April the 25th, so I probably will be absent from all social networks (although I will probably check my emails). But I will definitely return with fresh ideas and a good mood! And hopefully a new post! :D

The Beeing


Happy Mushrooms
The Spooky Shroompling

The Poisonous Shroompling

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