Jun 28, 2015

My Work Table...

Hello folks! Busy-busy week it was... Here are my latest creations, again! :D
Little talking gourds have invaded Erinle's garden this summer (it is never too early for the Halloween), soon more strange fruits and vegetables will accompany them! 
Little green fellow is another creature from the Mossy Swamp, his name is Iku and he is a Silent Watcher. Silent Watchers are very common creatures around this area. They do not use sounds to speak, only gestures (that's why they have such long and pliant arms). Their natural colour is a mixture of different greens and it is quite difficult to spot them in marshes.
Oh, and two more shroomplings, this time - also from the Mossy Swamp! :)

Iku and the Talking Gourds (sounds like a band, don't you think?)

Fungus Mortus Rosea and the Zombie Shroompling

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