Jul 18, 2015

My Work Table...

Here are my latest creations! And even more to come! My sales always go up at the end of the summer, so I need to be prepared for that...:) Pumpkins, mushrooms and shroomplings, spirits of nature, unknown creatures - this is just a short version of my to-create-list. I decided to start with pumpkins (mainly). I love making pumpkins, there is something magical in their diversity of forms and colours. Erinle grows different kinds of them in her garden and below you can see some of them. Then I created another Silent Watcher, this time a little bit bigger and I can say for sure that I'm in love with these strange creatures! So there will be more of them in the near future. Then comes another shroompling and I think that you all already know that I'm in love with mushrooms too! :D
The last picture shows something new - the Raindrop Spirits. As you know, the Mossy Swamp is full of different creatures and beings. It is a very moist place and there is no day without a rain. But even rains there are unusual. The biggest raindrops can easily transform into naughty little spirits known as the Raindrop Spirits. They are quite mischievous but still can bring a lot of joy and luck. They represent the element of Water, and soon there will be little spirits for each element - Fire, Air and Earth.
That's all for now and I'm going back to work! :)

Eddie the Gourd

Ruby the Orange Gourd

The Pale Pumpkins

Gorbie the Orange Gourd

Neko the Silent Watcher
The Zombie Shroompling

The Raindrop Spirits

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