Sep 17, 2015

My Latest Drawings...

Finally, I'm ready to post and write again! Please, excuse me for such a long absence here! Now I'm back and here are some of my latest drawings. All these creatures live in Erinle's world, which is quite colourful as you can see. They all are very friendly and very curious and I hope that you will like them as much as I do! :)
In the near future I plan to classify them (they - inhabitants of Erinle's world) somehow... I think that it will help me to organize my imaginary world a bit and I really need that! :)
Ms. Calmaria Perch from the Mossy Swamp

The Summer Bath

The Catcher of the Leaves

The Alchemist

The Watermelon Thief

S - the first letter of my name :)

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