Oct 11, 2015

Printed Postcards, Original Drawings, New Zombies and Amazon Handmade

September was the best month ever in the whole history of my Etsy store, I was very busy, had some custom orders too and basically had no time to write here even a few words. Lets hope that October will be at least the same or even better! :)
Recently I printed some postcards with my drawings in a very limited edition and I'm very happy with the result. Soon they will be available in my store... :)
Again, I drew a lot and decided also to offer some of my watercolour and ink drawings for sale too (you can see them on the last three photos). Some of them will be available in my Etsy store and some in my newly launched store at Amazon Handmade. By the way, the assortment in both stores will be different! :)
Right now I'm sculpting all the time - I've created a list of things that should be ready (sculpted, baked and painted) till the end of this year. The list is very long, but  very interesting. I will show you my creations from there, one by one, when they will be ready. And I will start with two zombies that I finished today! Hope you will like them, there are more to come! :)
P.S. Here are some links where I'm also active and where you can find my creations:

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