Aug 2, 2014

The Crow River Expedition: Part Two

Now lets talk about some small creatures that inhabit the Crow River itself and its unusual banks. As I mentioned before, the water there is very clear, so it was quite easy to observe those tiny water beings. They all differ from each other and are very colourful. Some of them have tentacles like an octopus, some look more like an eel and some are almost like a jellyfish. I have some sketches and even some specimens! Just look below...

The green one is my favourite! :)
And these are the specimens I brought home with me...

These are the best part of my collection! :)
In some places the river banks are totally covered with pebbles and... MUSHROOMS! They are called the Rainbow Mushrooms (well, I guess that's because they are quite colourful too). They grow only on those pebbles, which are covered with moss. They are a little bit frightened yet adorable. And they can speak! Unfortunately, I do not know their language yet...But I think it is never too late to learn something new! :)

The Rainbow Mushrooms have different shapes and colours.
Almost forgot to mention that the Crow River is full of fish! They look familiar (I saw there flounders, perches, trouts and even jellyfish) but still somehow are different. Here is a little drawing with a four different species that can be found there.

Mmm, fish...Yummy! :)
And of course there are a lot of different insects (particularly, bugs) hiding in the tall river grass! The little fellows below are known as the Dancing Bugs. Their moves resemble a strangely wicked yet beautiful dance. I found them sitting on the top of the Bubble grass and made this unusual sketch. Hope you like them! :)

Foot to the right, foot to the left... Clap your hands, I mean, legs! :)

The last part will be about ...River Folk! Do not miss it! :)

P.S. Basically reading about this and the following expeditions to the world of my imagination will help you to understand more about my creatures and creations and where did they come from...:) Nothing more, nor less. Thanks!

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