Aug 3, 2014

The Crow River Expedition: Part Three

Well, this is the last part about my journey to the Crow River area...and it is dedicated to its wonderful inhabitants! I would like to start with the Wise Ones. Do you remember Sean The Wise Oak Tree Stump? He lives in Erinle's garden and he is the Wise One. These creatures look like tree (mainly oak) stumps, but they are not the real stumps. They have never been trees and they can even move, but very slowly. They exist in Erinle's world from the beginning of times and are known as a great advisers. In the valley of the Crow River I've met Sean's brother - Norbert. He told me, that every area or region in Erinle's world has its own Wise Stump.By the way, Norbert has a friend, a gray owl named Freddie! :)

...and Freddy! :)

And then, there is Tookey... Tookey the Strange! He is a real hermit. Tookey inhabits a small cave near the Crow River. He is obsessed with mushrooms and herbs. He knows many potion and mixture recipes and is always experimenting a lot. He looks like some kind of frog mixed with a mushroom and he is even covered with moss. He looks a little bit scary but he is kind and very smart. I even managed to get some new potion recipes for Erinle! :)

It's good to be strange! :)
The River Folk... I am so happy that I met them! They are amazing creatures and they are the natives of the Crow River area. They look like a hybrid of lizard and slug, each of them has his/her unique colour of skin and no two are alike. Their average height is 130 cm (approximately 4 ft 3 inches) and their complexion varies a lot. They live in cozy cottages, wooden huts and even in manors! They behave exactly like human beings, but are kinder and even a little bit naive...:) And they are very sweet and hospitable! :)

Ms. Ernestine Doodley is an amazing artist! :)
And here are all of my new friends together (except Ernestine, she was the one with a camera)! I will definitely return there again! :)

From left to right: Patricia Candyberg, Grandma Chloe, Percival Lois, Alistair Groomby, Norbert,  Anthony Baldwinkle, Rooney Breadeater and Tookey

P.S. Basically reading about this and the following expeditions to the world of my imagination will help you to understand more about my creatures and creations and where did they come from...:) Nothing more, nor less. Thanks!