Aug 1, 2014

The Crow River Expedition: Part One

This is the first summarizing post about my expedition to the Crow River area. At first I wanted to create one big post about everything but it came out too long. So I decided to divide it in three parts - about river and its flora, about its fauna and about its inhabitants. This is the first one, the other will follow it shortly on August the 2nd and the 3rd...:) 

The Crow River

The Crow River is the biggest river in Erinle's world. Its length is 241 km (approximately 149 miles) and its origin lies somewhere in the Biting Peaks. As you can see, the Crow River is quite twisty and is separated in its mouth into two by an island (known as the Crow Nest). You probably wonder why it is call the Crow River? Well, because of enormous amount of crows living in the small forests on the banks of the river and on the island. The Crow River is more like a mountain river, it has both shallow and deep places and a lot of rapids. The water is very clear and quite cold. There are plenty of river pebbles and I even managed to bring some home for my collection of stones. 

They somehow remind me bones...but I like it! :)

The river banks are covered not only with common sedge grass and reed, but also some unusual plants are growing there. For example, the bubble grass and the spiral flower. I didn't manage to bring some species home, because they both are quite sharp and prickly, but I have some drawings instead.  They are not quite good, but you will get the main idea! :)

In the small forests (consisting mostly of oaks, aspens and poplars) surrounding the river I've found also blueberries, cloudberries and even a little bit of wild raspberries. There were plenty of mushrooms too, but they were ALIVE, so I will tell more about them in my next post...:)

P.S. Basically reading about this and the following expeditions to the world of my imagination will help you to understand more about my creatures and creations and where did they come from...:) Nothing more, nor less. Thanks!

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