Aug 19, 2014

My Work Table and 85 sales!

I'm quite blog silent (if I can say so) this summer. Or simply lazy! But as my favourite season approaches, I can feel how the urge for writing is slowly rising in me. And that's simply great! :) In my next post I will give you some info about my new blog schedule (I will post twice a week again), so stay tuned! :)
And I'm ready for another expedition, this time I will explore the Forgotten Forest! :) And I even manged to create some forest creatures already. By the way Aino is already sold. 
Here they are!

The Ghost Mushrooms

The Lunar Mushroom 

Aino The Forgotten Forest Dweller

The Tree Spirit

The Forgotten Forest Hares

And I reached my summer goal - 85 sales in my store! Woohoo! :) Now I'm up to 100, so wish me some luck! :)


  1. love those little creatures! they are strange and cute!
    good luck and happy sales :)