Feb 20, 2016

My Work Table...

Hello, friends!
I have a lot of things to show and I will start with my latest drawings. I started drawing last year (started again - would be more correct) and now I draw something almost every day. And I like that! :)
Usually I write down my sculpting ideas (like - to make some wicked zombie heads), but now I draw them too. And it helps a lot to imagine and create the final look of a future sculpture or figurine. Hopefully, some of the creatures from the pictures below soon will get the real physical form.
Not all of the drawings listed below have titles yet, but eventually I will give a proper title to each of them. If you have any interesting ideas - just drop me a line in a comments! :)
Tomorrow I will show you some of my latest figurines, so stay tuned! :)

Living near the lake

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