Dec 19, 2014

Erinle's Notebook...

More strange trees and more strange creatures... The Forgotten Forest is simply full of them! :) And my poor blog is full of my promises to post regularly...But we all know, that life is what happens, while you're planning something. Nevertheless, here is something new! The first drawing is a postcard and it was made specifically for winter holidays. Although, there is no snowy winters in Erinle's world, I decided to add it a little bit! Hope, the receiver will like it...:)
And the second picture introduces the Werebunny - a scary mysterious being, that also can be quite dangerous! It lurks in the most darkest place in the Forgotten Forest - in the Unspoken Grove... He is very tall and I even suspect that he is not a bunny, it is simply a mask! I would not dare to meet him under the full moon... :)

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