Oct 20, 2014

My Work Table...

I was lost in drawings for the Erinle's notebook last week, so I didn't sculpt a lot. But still I've managed to create this strange couple - the Deadly Mushroom (also known as Fungus Mortus) and the Moss Fairy (nasty little creatures that are quite ill-mannered). They both are from the Forgotten Forest and they both are quite dangerous. Next Sunday I will write and post another report about my expedition in the Forgotten Forest and it will be dedicated to mushrooms.  And last Friday I totally forgot to write about the mysterious note, so I will do it this Friday ( I won't forget, I promise). 

Fungus Mortus and the angry Moss Fairy...:)

By the way I decided to keep the FREE SHIPPING section in my store till the 31st of October. You still have a chance to visit it and get something unusual for yourself or your friends and loved ones! :)

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