Oct 26, 2014

Mushrooms of the Forgotten Forest...

As I have promised, today I will tell you more about different kinds of mushrooms that can be encountered in the Forgotten Forest. Till this day I have met and explored four different species, but there are many-many more, I'm sure! :)
The first one is known as the Grumpy Mushroom or Fungus Grunnitus. Grumpy Mushrooms are one of biggest and tallest group of mushrooms in the depths of Forgotten Forest. Usually, they are red and orange, but sometimes you can find even a yellow one! Anyway, you will definitely first hear them, and only then - see them. They are always murmuring something! They are common inhabitants of the forest and are not rare at all. 

Fungus Grunnitus
The second one is the Deadly Mushroom or Fungus Mortus. These pale blue fellows are wicked and very dangerous. Deadly Mushrooms are the biggest and tallest mushrooms in the depths of Forgotten Forest. They are very poisonous and you should definitely avoid meeting them alone. The only creatures that are not afraid of them are the Moss Fairies. Those angry little green beings like to rest on mushrooms' caps. I've met only one so far and observed him from a safe distance. Lucky me! :)

Fungus Mortus
The third one is known as the Crying Mushroom or Fungus ClamantisCrying Mushrooms also belong to the one of biggest and tallest group of mushrooms in the Forgotten Forest. You may think that this green guy above is smiling, but he only prepares to cry... Why are they sad no one knows, but they definitely like to cry loudly! And usually they cry for hours and hours and hours... Aarrrgh! :)

Fungus Clamantis
The fourth one is a very rare group of mushrooms. This strange fellow is known as the Lunar Mushroom or Fungus Lunam. Its pileus (cap) looks like the Moon's surface. They are not dangerous at all and are very beautiful. Their caps can be pale yellow, light purple, grey and even light turquoise. If you have met one (as I did) - it is a lucky sign! :)

Fungus Lunam
I have also seen some familiar tracks left in the forest... And I'm suspecting that at least two more types of mushroom-like creatures are present in the Forgotten Forest - Zombie Shroomplings and the Vampire Mushrooms. You can see some of their kind below. When I will encounter their relative in this forest - I will post their pictures too! :)

The Zombie Shroompling

Fungus Vampirus

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