May 12, 2014

One Busy Week and One Small Work Table...

Well, first of all - meet Orton the Swamp Wanderer! It took me 3 days to create this fabulous being and I think he is quite handsome... and quite green! :)  He inhabits the Mossy Swamp along with a few of his kind. This time I used a mixture of Cernit and Fimo Soft  upon a wire armature with some aluminum foil on it. The base is made from wood and decorated with fake moss and sea stones.

Orton the Swamp Wanderer...
 I had a busy week (personal issues), but still managed to visit some lovely places of my hometown just to celebrate the arrival of Spring...:) Here are some photos taken by me on that sunny days.

The Arcadia Park in Riga, Latvia

Lovely swans and ducks at the banks of the River Daugava in Riga, Latvia
I did not manage to create the 14th page from Erinle's notebook last week, so there will be two of them this friday! :)


  1. I like Orton the Swamp Wanderer! he looks very sweet!
    Your hometown is lovely!