May 21, 2014

My Work Table...

Last week I created only one being... And that is quite odd! Usually I create 2-4 creatures and even manage to paint something. This is Sean - the Wise Oak Tree Stump, he is the best advice giver in the whole Erinle's world. Well, at least Erinle says so! :)

The first layer of paint...

... and the result of 5 more layers! :)
But today I felt quite creative and here are 3 more creatures, in the photo they are just from oven! The mushroom with blue glass eyes is a birthday gift for my friend, the other mushroom being is Aurelia (and she is a mail carrier in Erinle's area). And between them - a yummy bunch of scared pancakes... and you probably have already guessed why they are scared...:D
And they all need paint, a lot of paint! :)

Aurelia, Pancakes and A-mushroom-without-name-yet! :)

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