Jan 12, 2014


The New Year has come... with enormous rains! I don't remember the last time I saw the Sun... Usually we have sunny and snowy winters here, in Latvia. But definitely not in this year! Sky remains grey and I'm starting to feel a little bit depressed. Nevertheless, I keep on creating stuff...:) 

New zombies and one small mixed media project

I've created another Zombie Valentine (see the first picture) and another Easter Zombie (the third picture). The Zombie Newlyweds are something totally new for me and I think they look terribly great! :)
As for the last picture - it is a small mixed media artwork, called "I see you". When I say mixed media - I mean that I've used polymer clay on an unusual surface (canvas, glass, wood, etc.)... If you're wondering what's pictured on it - you can read the description here...
In all other aspects, except the weather, January is good for me... I've had 3 sales already and I'm happy! :) The Grumpy Heart, the Red Planet and The Zombie Vikings are sold! Yay! :)

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